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Tejas Design & Septic


2018 - 07 - 22


Tejas Design & Septic® was a particularly challenging project because we had a limited budget to work with. In spite of this obstacle, we were able to produce a successful landing page with custom contact form and lead funnel implementations. The Landing page ultimately converted over 80% of the paid traffic that was driven to the website.

  • Branding
  • Design
  • SEO
  • Local Service

Design a local-service website that reinvents the Tejas design brand complete with all content, business information and an easy way to contact the owner. They also wanted a pay-per-click campaign to drive additional buying customers to the website.

We designed Tejas Design's website using scratch HTML & CSS complete with custom logo, and all content. Overall, the website has a high visual impact along with strong calls to action and easy navigation in order to encourage more customers to contact the owner.

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